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Best Exercises for Weight Loss for Women

Best exercises for weight loss for women

I already wrote in my previous article that the 2 most important things for weight loss are changing your diet habits and increasing your physical activities.

If you missed that article you can check it here.

Today I am gonna talk about the best exercises for weight loss for women.

Why is exercising important for weight loss?

Exercising will increase your body temperature, burn calories and increase your metabolism long after your workout. (1)

You need to do appropriate exercises if you want to maximize your weight loss.

I will divide weight loss workouts into 2 groups: cardio workout and weightlifting (strength workout).


Although cardio like running is the most popular weight loss exercise, strength workouts are great too.

But first things first.

Important Tips You Should Follow Before Exercising


If you are a beginner you should start slowly.

No matter what you choose, running by the sea or gym workouts you should start slowly.

If you are obese don’t start immediately with running.

You can injure your knees by doing that.

For obese people is better to start with walking and light exercises at the gym with a personal trainer.

Also, after a long period of inactivity, you will end up with sore muscles.

So, at the beginning of your new fitness life, don’t exaggerate with activities in the first 2 weeks.

Gradually increase your exercising pace.

Also, don’t forget that exercising is only one part of your weight loss journey – you should change your diet habits to improve your health and looks.

Read more about nutrition tips after a workout for women.

Don’t forget to stretch and warm-up.

This is important to avoid injuries.

Also, warming up will help your body burn even more calories during your training.

How often should you work out per week to lose weight?

Well, for weight loss you need to work out at least 4 times per week.

Or better, 5 times.

The best combination is cardio + weightlifting and strength.

For example do 2 cardio workouts (cycling, jogging) and 2 weightlifting workouts at the gym with light weights.

And if you want to lose weight faster exercise in the morning.

You can see why here.

Let’s see what are the best workouts for weight loss for women.

As I mentioned there are 2 groups: cardio exercises and weightlifting (strength).

Best Exercises for Weight Loss for Women

1. Cardio exercises

cardio workouts

Cardio exercises are exercises that raise your heart rate from 60 to 85 heartbeats.

When you have that heartbeat span you are doing cardiovascular (aerobic) training.



This is the most popular cardio exercise.

It will help your body burn fat long after you are done running.

Start gradually and then increase your distance.

Jogging is a great way to start your weight loss journey.



Another great cardio exercise.

Cycling will improve your overall health.

It strengthens your legs and helps you get toned legs.

Also, if the weather is bad you can exercise on a stationary cycle at home.



This and the next workout are my favorites.

Actually, I’m teaching Zumba classes.

This is maybe the most interesting way to lose weight.


Because music is included.

The right combination of rhythm and certain exercises make a fun atmosphere and time goes by fast.

Every Zumba class for weight loss starts with some light cardio and moderate music beat.

Zumba for weight loss includes strength exercises and exercises for shaping every muscle on your body, too.

And what is most important – you can burn almost 2,000 calories per Zumba class.



My second favorite weight loss workout for women.

I am also a Pilates instructor.

Pilates is great for relaxing and weight loss.


Breathing exercises are a very important part of the workout, which means that you calm your nervous system.

That’s good because it stops the increase of the levels of cortisol.

Cortisol boosts the production of glucose which can turn into fat and that’s bad for your weight loss.

When you do Pilates, you do a series of precise, controlled moves that encourage the work of every muscle group. You stretch and strengthen your muscles and your muscles recover more easily after working out.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


Well, after increasing your activities gradually, you can try an effective weight loss training called HIIT.

These intensive exercises include short intervals that allow you to burn calories more efficiently.

One of the best exercises to lose weight fast.



It will help you lose belly fat, increase lean muscles and strength.

You will burn calories faster because CrossFit includes different exercises and different intensities of various exercises.

Also, you will improve your appearance, endurance, flexibility, and coordination.

You will need a personal trainer for CrossFit.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks

Jump and spread your legs with your hands overhead and then return to the starting position with your feet together and arms at the sides.

10 reps of this exercise are quite enough.

2. Weightlifting and strength exercises

weight loss workouts



Well, this is not a weightlifting exercise.

But it is one of the best exercises to lose weight at home.

This is a strength workout although some fitness experts think that this is a cardio workout too.

Nevertheless, the plank is one of the best exercises for weight loss for women.

Plank is one of the best fat burning exercises. (2)

Also, it will help you get six-pack abs and a stronger back.

Furthermore, it will boost your metabolism and help you get rid of cellulite.

There are different variations of the plank but the most popular are the classic plank, side plank, forearm plank.

In the beginning, it will be hard for you to stand in a plank position even for 30 secs.

But if you are persistent soon you will be able to do a 1-minute plank that is very good for weight loss.

Plank is one of the best exercises to lose arm fat.



One of the best exercises for your thighs and weight loss.

I recommend you start with 20 reps in the beginning.

The split squat is another variation of squats and it’s very good for weight loss.

This is one of the best exercises for your legs, especially the glutes.

You should do it without weights for starters.

After you get into shape you can do squats with weights.

Do at least 3 sets, start with 15 reps.


Push ups

Another strength exercise.

One of the most famous exercises.

It is very good for upper body strength.

Also, it is one of the best exercises to lose arm fat.

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