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How to Boost Metabolism Naturally and Lose Weight?

How to boost metabolism naturally?

Slow metabolism is one of the most common reasons for those extra pounds.

That’s why women all over the world try to boost their metabolism to lose weight. (1)

But, that is not easy.

So, today I am going to talk about the best natural ways to boost metabolism.

What is metabolism?

The speed of metabolism means how fast your body turns food into energy. (2)

There are two types of metabolic processes.

One uses the energy to build new cells and tissues and the other one stores energy in the form of fat in your body.

We call these two processes anabolism and catabolism.

These two processes have a big effect on your weight and health, depending on their extent in your body.

How to fix slow metabolism?

Boosting your metabolism depends on various factors, mostly on how much exercise you do and how healthy your habits are.

A fast metabolism is usually connected with good genes so many people give up thinking they can’t do much about this vital process.

However, with self-discipline and adjusting your habits, you can significantly improve your metabolism and the quality of your overall health, too.

Here you can see how to speed up your metabolism.

Best Tips to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

1. Drink enough water


It goes without saying that water has great benefits for your health.

Drinking 10 glasses of water daily speeds up metabolism by 30 %.

Also, drinking water before meals makes you eat less and stops you from overeating.

It’s recommended to drink lots of water during the day, or as much as your body needs.

If you want to boost your metabolism naturally you should drink a glass of lukewarm water with a little bit of lemon or honey that boost your immune system and give you energy for the rest of the day.

And the best water is from the Filteri za Vodu.

2. Eat enough protein foods


You should intake proteins daily because that’s how you prevent slowing down the metabolism that happens due to obesity.

Your body is ready to burn calories if your diet is high in proteins.

Eat healthy ingredients and avoid processed food high in sugars.

3. Drink green tea

Green tea

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant and it’s recommended to drink 2-3 cups per day.

Also, it’s great for burning calories.

Coffee can significantly speed up your metabolism, but if you don’t exaggerate with the amount of caffeine you intake.

4. Eat spicy food

Cayenne pepper

One of the best foods that increase metabolism.

It’s proved that spicy food speeds up the metabolism by almost 10% because it reduces your appetite and it makes you full.

Chili peppers and some spices contain the ingredients which speed up metabolism.

Cayenne pepper is one of the best weight loss foods.

Also ginger and cinnamon are one of the best metabolism-boosting foods.

5. Change your diet habits

healthy diet tips

Never skip breakfast.

It’s well known that it’s the most important meal and it should include everything that makes you full and energized until the next meal.

Also, don’t eat dinner after 8 pm even if you can’t control your hunger.

It’s best to eat food that doesn’t overwhelm your stomach. Intake enough fiber, proteins, and cut out carbs, especially junk foods, and sweets.

Eat smaller meals more frequently since your metabolism works all day like that.

Nutritionists emphasize that more frequent but smaller meals are better than overeating and stuffing yourself.

The longer the break between meals the slower your metabolism is.

And that’s how you store unnecessary fat.

Starving yourself, or going on a diet without consulting a nutritionist can significantly slow down your metabolism and affect your body weight index.

6. Sleep well and reduce the level of stress


A lack of sleep can slow down your metabolism and increase your hunger.

It is recommended to sleep 7-8 hours per night, because if you don’t sleep enough you may weaken your immune system.

Stress is also connected to a slow metabolism.

If you are constantly stressed and tense that will increase your appetite, you will overeat and intake more calories than needed.

7. Start exercising

weight loss workouts

The best way to boost your metabolism is to start exercising.

Even a regular half an hour walk every day can boost your metabolism, especially if you add some other exercises, too.

Physical activity is very important for weight loss and boosting your metabolism, and it’s effective only if you do it regularly and you eat healthily, as well.

That means that regular workouts are worthless if you eat greasy, unhealthy food whenever you want.

However, if you do exercise at least 4 times a week, no matter it’s jogging, swimming, etc. and you also have a healthy diet, and sleep well then you will start losing weight.

To boost your metabolism you need to build muscles.

Your body will burn more calories and have a faster basal metabolism if you have more muscles.

So, start weightlifting.

A good strength workout chosen by your fitness instructor as well as cardio up to 30 minutes (3-4 times a week) can speed up your metabolism.

The more you engage your muscles the more they produce energy for your body.

Choose a moderate training program and track the changes that happen to your body.

So, what’s the bottom line?

A fast metabolism is the result of a good diet, sleep, rest, and intake of water.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and you will lose weight faster.

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