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How to Break Weight Loss Plateau?

How to break weight loss plateau?

When you start your weight loss journey, you’ll probably see how easy it is to lose the first few pounds.

But after a while, it gets harder and harder.

Until you reach that phase when it’s impossible to lose another pound.

And you still haven’t reached your goal.

If this happens, don’t despair.

It’s a very common thing in the weight loss process and it’s called weight loss plateau.

What is a weight loss plateau?

This is stagnation in the weight loss process.

It is the time during your weight loss journey when you stop losing weight no matter what you do. (1)

Well, this is a very important moment when it comes to weight loss.

It is important because many people lose motivation at this point.

However, there is no reason to lose motivation and give up.

You can overcome the weight loss plateau.

Just stay optimistic and look on the bright side.

You lost some pounds, right?

This is just the next step you need to take.

Let’s see what things can cause weight loss plateau.

What can cause a weight loss plateau?


Stress causes many problems in your body.

When it comes to weight loss, stress disturbs the levels of hormones that are responsible for breaking down carbs and fats.

Those hormones are cortisol, adrenaline, and insulin.

Also, it slows down your metabolism.

Furthermore, it can cause increased hunger.

Try to reduce stress, and try to relax.

You’ve loosened up

Maybe you slowed down when you saw good results and you started breaking the rules.

Stay disciplined, follow your diet and workout plan, and you will break the weight loss plateau.

Giving up smoking

If you quit smoking during weight loss you may tend to overeat.

Don’t get me wrong giving up smoking is the best decision you can make, just bear in mind and try not to replace cigarettes with food.


Some infections and allergies can also cause weight loss plateau.

If you have symptoms of cold, flu, allergies, or any diseases consult your doctor.

When you fix your health problems you can expect a successful weight loss.

How to break weight loss plateau?

Weight loss plateau

1. Try to reduce the number of calories you intake

Avoid salad dressings, liquid calories (sodas, alcohol).

Note: Be careful not to reduce below 1200 kcal per day.

2. Increase exercise

When you want to give up do the opposite: do more exercise.

Change your workout program, exercise with friends, anything that will help you burn more calories.

3. Don’t lose motivation

Stay persistent.

Don’t give up at the first obstacle.


You successfully finished the first part of a very difficult task.

Now you need a short break to continue with the second part.

And that is losing that last pound you need to achieve your aim.

4. Rest properly

Good quality sleep is one of the most important things for weight loss. (2)

Sleep for at least 8 hours.

Bad sleep can disturb your hormones.

A lack of sleep increases cortisol and that can cause increased hunger.

5. Plan your Cheat day

You can allow yourself to have a cheat day from time to time.

That’s the day when you break your diet rules and you eat the food which isn’t allowed.

But, remember, only on your cheat day.

Have a cheat day only once in 2-3 weeks.

6. Try some natural supplements

Using supplements shouldn’t be your primary tactic, but some natural supplements can help you break the weight loss plateau.

I suggest my clients using only supplements made of natural ingredients (that I use).

These supplements are made of plant extracts, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

If you want to read more about the best weight loss supplements that will help you break the plateau, click on the link below:


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