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How to Get Rid of Different Types of Belly Fat?

How to get rid of different types of belly fat?

As I said in my previous article, losing belly fat is the biggest challenge in weight loss.

If you want to read how to lose belly fat when you are overweight click here.

But what if you are skinny and you have belly fat?

It is even harder.

That’s why I decided to write about how to lose different types of belly fat. (1)

So, let’s start.

5 different types of belly fat

Here you can see the most common types of belly fat that are not related to obesity:

  • Lower belly fat
  • Love handles
  • Stress belly
  • Bloated belly
  • Pregnancy belly

So, let’s see how to lose each type of belly fat.

How to get rid of different types of belly fat?

1. Love handles (muffin top)

Love handles muffin top

This is the most common type of belly fat.

It’s the fat around your torso (check the pick above).

And it’s caused by sedentary jobs, all day sitting, excessive intake of sweets and alcohol.

So how to lose it?

Stop drinking beer and alcohol generally.

Also, don’t eat sweets, white bread, and pasta.

Eat high protein foods, nuts, avocado, fish.

Start walking more, use the stairs rather than the elevator.

2. Lower belly fat

Lower belly fat

If this is your type then you are probably skinny with fat layers on your lower belly.

This is often caused by a lower back curve and recent pregnancy.

How to lose this type of belly fat?

Have a balanced diet.

Eat high fiber foods like apples, green vegetables, whole grain bread.

Drink more water and intake more fluid in general (not sodas).

Try planking.

The classic plank and forearms plank are the best exercises to get rid of lower belly fat.

3. Stress belly

Stress belly

Your stomach is bloated and hard.

This type of belly is caused by chronic stress.

Also, if you eat unhealthy foods, drink a lot of coffee, and skip meals there is a big chance that you will end up with this type of belly.

How to get rid of stress belly?

You need to sleep well and go to bed earlier.

This way you will reduce stress.

Also, try to relax.

Meditate, do breathing exercises, take a long bath, anything that helps you.

The best exercises for this type of belly are different yoga poses.

Include magnesium, zinc, B complex vitamins in your diet.

4. Bloated belly

Bloated belly

Your stomach is probably bloated in the evening but in the morning your stomach is flat.

In the evening it gets flatulent.

This is probably caused by a food allergy, slow metabolism, problems with your gut.

How to get rid of the bloated belly?

First, you need to avoid things that cause gut problems like gluten, alcohol, yeast, processed dairy products.

You should eat more vegetables and fish.

Breakfast is the most important meal so don’t skip it.

Don’t eat too fast, drink water, include probiotics in your diet.

5. Pregnancy belly

Pregnancy belly


Your belly looks as if you are still pregnant even though you aren’t.

This often happens after the pregnancy.

How to get rid of pregnancy belly?

You should include more fish oil in your diet.

Also, eat nuts, olives, and vegetable oil.

By eating these foods you will reduce fatigue and you will lose pregnancy belly faster.

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