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How to Lose Arm and Armpit Fat?

How to lose arm fat?

Arm fat is very often among women.

Especially if you are over 40. (1)

Maybe you are not overweight but your arms look bigger because of arm fat.

What are the main reasons for arm fat?

The reasons for arm fat can be various.

Obesity is the most common.

Furthermore, hormonal disorder, a lack of physical activities, unhealthy diet are other reasons for that unwanted fat.

How to lose arm fat?

Today I am gonna show you how to lose arm and armpit fat.

Also, you will see how to tighten loose skin.

The most important thing is to change your diet and start exercising.

Let’s see how to lose fat on your arms and armpit.

Best exercises to lose arm fat

If you want to get toned arms you should try different workouts. (2)

These exercises can help you increase lean muscles and shape your arms.

Also, you will not end up with loose skin.

If you do these exercises and be persistent you will definitely get rid of arm fat.

Best exercises to get rid of arm fat:

Arm circles

Arm circles

How to do this exercise?

Stand up and extend your arms.

Your arms should be parallel to the floor.

Start making circles with both arms.

You should do 20 circles.

Rest for 15 seconds.

Do 10 sets.

Arms scissors exercise

Arms scissors

How to do this exercise?

Stand up with legs shoulder-width apart.

Extend both arms.

Make sure they are parallel to the floor.

Do 20 scissors.

Rest 15 seconds.

Do this exercise 10-20 times.

You can see how to do this exercise in the pic below:


Take a step forward and extend one arm in front of you.

Bend your knees.

Start punching air alternately.

Imagine you are fighting against an angry enemy.

Box about 20 times.

This is one of the best exercises to get rid of arm fat.

Also, it will tone your shoulders.


Push ups

A classic exercise.

You can do this exercise with straight legs or bent knees, depending on your shape.

Wall workout

Wall workout

Effective triceps workout.

How to do this exercise?

Stand on your toes.

Extend your arms and lean on the wall.

Start bending your elbows and getting closer to the wall.

Go back, straightening your arms.

To do this right you need to keep your back straight.

If your back isn’t straight you won’t engage your triceps.

Push-ups on the bench

If you want to increase strength this is a very good exercise.

When the bench is higher it’s easier to perform the exercise.

If it’s too difficult to do this exercise you can kneel down.

Make sure your back is straight.

Dips on the chair

Chair dips

If you want to tighten your arms this is the right exercise for you.

Nobody has stronger arms than people who often do this exercise.

Hold your hands on the edge of the chair, keep your back straight, and dip towards the floor.

Go as low as you can.

Do 5-10 reps.

Biceps exercises

If you want to tone your arms you should do exercises for biceps too.

Bend your elbows and lift your arms to shoulder height.

You can use weights about 20 lbs. or bottles of water.



This is one of the best exercises for the whole body, especially your arms.

You can read more about the plank here.

Armpit fat

Armpit fat

Armpit fat is a big issue for many.

It can make you feel less confident, especially if you are a woman and you like wearing sleeveless blouses and dresses.

What is armpit fat?

That’s fat that you can see between your bra straps and your armpit.

Piled up fat on the back is more common with women and you can see a lot of it when you put on a tight bra.

Therefore, people who have back fat are more prone to armpit fat.

Most common causes of armpit fat are:

Of course, those extra pounds are the main reason.

Also, if you find it hard to lose arm fat the cause of that might be accumulated toxins.

People who have higher amounts of bisphenol A in their bodies are more likely to pile up fat around their arms.

Most of the bisphenol A in your body comes through direct contact with plastic.

Also, if your body doesn’t digest carbs properly you will have a problem with armpit fat.

So, how to get rid of armpit fat?

Start exercising.

Do cardio workouts like walking, running, cycling.

Best exercises to get rid of armpit fat

If you want to get rid of armpit fat for good and get toned arms and back, you need to do the following exercises.

Best exercises to get rid of armpit fat

You need to do 20 reps of each exercise per day.

Catching stars exercise

Catching stars exercise

How to do this exercise?

Stand straight and tall.

Keep one hand straight and bend the other one.

Lift your arms and straighten them one by one.

When one is straight, bend the other one.

When you straighten your arm clench your fist (as you are catching stars).

Cobra exercise

Cobra armpit

How to do this exercise?

Lie on your belly, lift your head and put your arms behind your head.

Lift your upper body.

Try not to move your elbows.

Tennis ball squeeze exercise

How to do this exercise?

Hold a tennis ball with your hands at chest height.

Relax and keep your elbows straight.

Squeeze the ball with your hands and get your hands closer to one another.

Scissors exercise

How to do this exercise?

Stand straight, extend your arms and bend them at a 90-degree angle with hands pointed downwards.

Make a scissors movement with your arms.

Change the way you bring them to the front (left up, then right, left again…)

Elephant exercise

How to do this exercise?

Stand with shoulders width apart and lean forward.

Put your arms in front of you, lift one at a 90-degree angle.

Swing your arms sideways to the starting position.

Cradle exercise

Cradle exercise

How to do this exercise?

Stand straight, bend your elbows and keep them together in front of you.

Grab your elbows with your hands.

Lift your arms by pushing your elbows.

Fist under chin exercise

How to do this exercise?

Bend your elbows.

Clasp your hands at shoulder height.

Put your hands below your chin.

Push your hands with your chin down and push your chin with your hands up.

Pillow squeeze exercise

How to do this exercise?

Hold a pillow in front of yourself with palms open.

Try to clasp your hands as much as possible by squeezing the pillow, and then release.


Push-ups are the best exercise for weight loss.

I don’t have to tell you how to do this exercise.

An evergreen exercise.

It is good for armpit fat, also arm and back fat.

Do 10-20 push-ups.

If you want to find out how to lose armpit fat faster and get a toned body, click on the link below.

Change your eating habits

There are a few diet tips that will help you lose arm fat. (3)

Never skip breakfast.

I suggest you eat high-fiber foods like oatmeal, berries, veggies, fruits, nuts. (4)

Drink a lot of water.

I suggest you drink 10 glasses per day.

Avoid junk foods, processed foods, sodas, unhealthy carbs and beer.

Eat foods high in protein instead.

So, what’s the bottom line?

Many women struggle with arm fat.

If you want to get rid of arm fat and armpit fat you should do the above-mentioned exercises.

And last but not least, change your diet habits, start eating healthily and you will tone your entire body.

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