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Best Nutrition Tips After a Workout for Women

Best Nutrition Tips After a Workout for Women

If you like to exercise you probably want to know what’s the best food to eat after a workout to maximize your efforts.

To realize how a proper diet can help you after a workout you need to know about the impact of physical activities on your body.

How does your body find the energy for a workout?

When you exercise your muscles use nutrients as a fuel.

And the main fuel is glycogen.

Glycogen is the basic fuel for your cells.

Of course, glycogen is not abundant in the muscles so eventually, you get tired and exhausted.

So, after a workout, your body needs to restore the glycogen reserves and regenerate the muscles. (1)

Why do you need to choose carefully what you eat after a workout?

Eating the right food after a workout regenerates your body fast and it renews energy.

That’s why you need to intake macros (proteins, fat and carbs) after a workout.

Every macronutrient has its role in the recovery process after a workout.

When should you eat after a workout?

Well, that depends on your goals.

Your body will try to renew the glycogen reserves up to 45 minutes after a workout.

So, it is best to eat as soon as possible when you finish your workout if you aren’t overweight.

If you want to increase lean muscles you should eat within 45 minutes.

But if you want to lose weight then you should eat 45 minutes after a workout because your body will use fat to renew energy.

You can drink water immediately after a workout.

It is important to drink enough water to compensate for the water you lose when you sweat.

And the most important thing is to eat proteins, carbs, and fats after a workout.

So, what to eat after a workout?

Best Nutrition Tips After a Workout for Women

Best weight loss foods

You need to eat foods high in good carbs, good fats, and proteins:

1. Proteins

Proteins help build muscles.

When you exercise your muscles break down and get damaged.

Eating the right amount of proteins after a workout gives your body amino acids that are important for muscle regeneration.

Also, proteins help build lean muscles.

Intake about 40gr of proteins after a workout.

You should eat the best protein foods like eggs, chicken breast, ricotta, tuna.

2. Carbs

As I said carbs are important because of glycogen (fuel for your muscles).

The amount of carbs you need to intake depends on your workout.

If you like running, cycling, or swimming you will need more carbs than when you lift weights at the gym.

The carb-protein ratio should be 3:1.

So, if you intake 40gr of proteins you need 120gr of carbs.

The healthiest sources of carbs are sweet potato, freshly squeezed orange juice, quinoa, pineapple, chocolate milk, oatmeal, rice.

3. Fats

Although fats are important you should not exaggerate.

You should eat foods high in unsaturated fats like tuna, salmon, avocado.

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